Top 10 Best AI Writing Software & Content Generator Tools For 2024

If you are searching for the best AI writer, this post is for you. Here we have the top 10 and best AI writing software and content generators. For all types of AI-based text generation, be it long, short content & copy, you can try them

The ultimate aim of developing the technology world is to make the hectic process as simpler as possible. These works are simply being proceeded successfully with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). One of such tech hype in recent days is AI writing software in the market.

So before reaching out to the 10 best AI writing software and tools, we should first have an idea about AI writers and the work that can be done through AI-based writing software.

best ai writing tools and software

What Is AI Writing Software?

Artificial Intelligence-based writing software are the online tools that are used to write various documents and internet-related stuff in very little time when compared to the time a writer takes in writing the same stuff.

The use of AI writing software is to write both long and short forms of content. Short form of content includes professional email writing, intro paragraph, company’s bio, etc. While the long-form contents include blog article writing, it even includes book writing sometimes.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 best AI writing software for 2024.

10 Best AI Writing Software

Below are the best AI writing software picks by us which are based on the features and reviews of the customers.

1. Jasper AI

jasper home page

Jasper is the first choice in the list of the top 10 best copywriting software. You can also get a 5 day free trial on Jasper. Jasper is ideal for long-form content and marketing content creation.

By using the Jasper command, one can start writing and further Jasper will finish from its algorithm by suggesting the most relatable sentences.

Features Of Jasper

Jasper offers the following main features:

  • Creates blog articles by receiving some lines of text as information.
  • Improves the pre-written articles.
  • Supports 26 languages on which a user can work.
  • Integrated with SEO guidelines, so writing blog articles focus on all the aspects of SEO.
  • Have an inbuilt plagiarism checker that checks for duplicate copies on the internet.
  • Cross-check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

Pricing of Jasper

jarvis pricing

Jasper offers two plans, the first is the starter plan and the second one is the boss mode plan.

  • Starter Plan – Starts with $29 per month for a monthly subscription or $24 per month on the annual plan.
  • Boss Mode Plan – Starts with $59 per month for a monthly subscription or $49 per month on the annual plan.

2. Writesonic

Writesonic AI Writer

Writesonic came into the limelight of writers after its new features that made Writesonic capable of writing more than 20 types of content. Its algorithm is designed in a way that it reads the style of writers and then proceeds to write in the same style.

Writesonic is especially known for article writing, ad creation, and marketing copy generation.

Features Of Writesonic

  • Generates human-level blog posts, products description, digital ads, eCommerce copy, and more in seconds.
  • Proofreads the written content for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Custom-specific features are available at the client’s request.
  • Supports 25 most commonly used languages.
  • Offers a free trial for new users.
  • No credit card is required for a free trial.
  • Unlike Jasper, it gives unlimited credits.

Pricing Of WriteSonic

Writesonic pricing

Writesonic offers 5 types of following plans for different individuals.

  • Free Trial – Costs $0. Available for new users only with many limitations.
  • Basic – Costs $15 per month or $150 per year when you go for the annual plan. This is suggested for personal use and this plan comes up with 75 credits.
  • Professional – Costs $45 per month or $450 per year. This plan is ideal for freelancers and there is no credit limitation in this plan. Priority support is not included.
  • Startup – Costs $95 per month or $950 per year and is ideal for startups and small businesses. It comes with unlimited credits and 2 user seats with priority support.
  • Agency – Costs $195 per month or $1950 per year. This plan is suitable for big businesses that require continuous copywriting work.

3. Rytr

Rytr - top 10 AI writing software

The third best AI writing assistant on our list is Rytr. You can create unique original content effortlessly in one go.

Rytr is ideal for writing all forms of content but especially the quality of long-form content like articles generated through Ryter is way too good when compared to its alternatives.

Features Of Rytr

  • It has 30+ use cases that include blog articles, emails, social media ads, and others.
  • It supports 30 languages which is more than Jasper and Writesonic.
  • A unique feature is you can change the tone of content as it supports 20 different tones like inspirational, convincing, etc.
  • Instead of a free trial it offers a free plan.
  • No credit card is required for the free plan.
  • Inbuilt plagiarism checker in all plans.

Pricing Of Rytr

Rytr pricing

Rytr offers 3 plans described below.

  • Free Plan – No charge and one can generate 5000 characters per month.
  • Saver Plan – Costs $9 per month and $90 per year on the annual plan.
  • Unlimited Plan – Costs $29 per month or $290 per year on the annual plan.

4. Articoolo

Articoolo AI article writer tool

Articoolo is the automated AI text generator that works on NLP-based contextual algorithms. Its WordPress plugin is also available to write articles directly from WordPress.

Articoolo is mainly used to write long blog articles.

Features Of Articoolo

  • Article writer and also rewrites the articles.
  • Includes facts and data in the article.
  • Searches relatable images to the article.
  • Topic and title generator.
  • Summarizes the article.
  • Supports 5 languages.

Pricing Of Articoolo

Articoolo pricing

Articoolo offers two types of payment systems to its users which are the pay per use and subscribe and save methods.

Pay per use – 10 Articles cost $19, 50 articles cost $75 and 100 articles cost $99.
Subscribe and save – $29 per month = 30 articles, $49 per month = 100 articles, $99 per month 250 articles.

Users can also request the custom plan also, as per their requirements.

5. AI Writer

AI Writer software

This is a helpful tool for bloggers to generate articles from the scratch just by entering the keyword and headline. AI writer recollects the information from the web and generates a new article.

AI Writer is especially useful for writers to initiate the auto-blogging process with SEO-optimized articles through its API.

Features Of AI Writer

  • Provides citations to cross-check the accuracy of facts.
  • Generates unique and fresh content.
  • The generated text is SEO-friendly with proper keyword density and variations.
  • Generates article in 2 minutes.

Pricing Of AI Writer

AI writer offers three plans and a 7-day free trial on each plan. In addition to that, it gives 2-month free subscription on the annual plan.

Ai writer pricing
  • Basic Plan – Costs $29 per month and is ideal for individuals having one or two blogs.
  • Standard Plan – Costs $59 per month and is ideal for freelancers.
  • Power Plan – Costs $375 per month, ideal for big enterprises involved in content creation.

6. Outranking

Outranking software for ai writing

Outranking is an AI writing tool as well as an SEO optimizer. You only need to enter a little information and it will generate the title and headlines which are helpful to rank higher than your competitors.

Outranking is for those who want to optimize each and every part of their content for SEO.

Features Of Outranking

  • More authentic factual research than its alternatives.
  • Best SEO and SERP analysis among all tools.
  • Customize tone, style as per user.
  • Creates the most powerful outlines in under 15 minutes.

Pricing Of AI Outranking

Outranking always gives huge variable discounts on its plans. It offers 3 plans that are mentioned below.

Outranking pricing
  • Starter – Costs $39 per month and can create 10 web documents.
  • Growth – Costs $79 per month and can create 30 web documents.
  • Professional – Costs $159 per month and can create 100 web documents.

7. CopyAI

CopyAI automated writing

CopyAI is used by more than 50,000 lakh marketers globally. It writes everything from ad copy to long articles for your blog.

CopyAI is the most economical AI writing assistant available in the market as it offers a free plan also.

Features Of CopyAI

  • Generates digital ads copy like Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.
  • Social media content generation.
  • Creates website copy like meta descriptions, hero text, and others.
  • Generates sales copy, eCommerce description, etc.
  • Equally good for both short and long-form content.

Pricing Of CopyAI

CopyAI offers three plans, the first is a free plan which doesn’t require any credit card the second is the pro plan where the free trial is also available and the last plan is a team plan which also comes with a free trial.

pricing of CopyAI automatic content generator
  • Free Plan – Costs $0 per month. 100 bonus credits for the first month and then 10 credits per month.
  • Pro Plan – Costs $35 per month when paid annually and $42 per month when paid monthly. It comes with unlimited credits.
  • Team – This is a custom plan based on the requirement of user and hence its price depends on the client’s needs.

8. Ink For All

Ink editor

Ink editor is similar to outranking to a somewhat extent as it is also an AI writing assistant with the top class SEO assistance as well. It scans the web for ranking on the first page of Google through its content.

Highly helpful in writing long-form content which is to be ranked on the internet.

Features Of Ink Editor

  • 60+ AI powered tools that create multiple copies.
  • Generate social media ads.
  • Writing tools include simplify, rewriter, expander, and many others.
  • Best SEO optimization for blog.

Pricing Of Ink Editor

Pay for an annual plan and get 2 months free also this is the first AI writing assistant that offers a money-back guarantee also.

pricing of ink editor

It offers the three plans that are mentioned below.

  • Ink Free – Costs $O and supports 25 articles per month.
  • Ink Pro – Costs $29 per month on an annual payment and $35 per month on the monthly bill. This plan comes with 50k AI-generated words per month.
  • Ink Unlimited – Costs $82 per month on annual payments and $99 per month on the monthly bill. This plan comes with unlimited points and articles.

9. Copysmith

Copysmith content generator

Copysmith uses artificial intelligence to generate various marketing copies similar to CopyAI to most the extent. It is also used for bulk content generation and also offers the option to collaborate with your team.

CopySmith is not that good for long-form content instead it is mainly focused on marketing content.

Features Of Copysmith

  • Generates the headlines for every kind of ad.
  • Article writing and eCommerce assistance.
  • YouTube video description and branding.
  • Content enhancer and rewriter.

Pricing Of Copysmith

Copysmith offers 4 plans and a free trial without a credit card in each plan.

Copysmith pricing
  • Starter – Costs $19 per month and is best for starting it.
  • Professional – Costs $59 per month and is suggested for freelancers.
  • Teams – Costs $119 per month and this plan is ideal for collaborated teams.
  • Enterprise – Cost depends on the requirement of businesses.

10. Content Bot

Content Bot ai based text generator

Content Bot is used by more than 21k+ marketers from all over the world. It is also an all-in-one content creation platform. The company claims to increase the content 10X times.

Content Bot is regarded as good in marketing and blog content but it is not highly recommended for SEO.

Features Of Content Bot

  • Generates amazing landing pages.
  • Can write 2000+ word articles.
  • Other blog contents like topic and heading generator.
  • Used for generating marketing copies that involves both ads and branding.

Pricing Of Content Bot

Content Bot offers three following plans which are expensive than its alternatives.

Content Bot Pricing
  • Starter – Costs $29 per month. No automated emails and priority support.
  • Premium – Costs $59 per month. Automated emails and priority support are included.
  • Premium Plus – Costs $99 per month. Can generate 2 lakhs words per month.

Which is the Best AI Writer?

We strongly recommend Jasper.AI as it helps you generate content in a minute. Be it a short AD copy, SEO title, SEO description, or even a long blog post, Jasper won’t disappoint you.

In fact, you can generate your first draft of the book as well using this powerful AI content writer.

No more writer’s block and no wastage of time anymore. AI is a cost-efficient solution that reduces the burden of human writers.

FAQs about Best AI Content Writing Tools

AI writing software have just started hitting the market and you may have many doubts. In the section below, you will be able to understand these tools better.

In case you have more questions, ask them using the comments section and we will answer them within 24 hours.

Can AI writing software be used as a substitute for writers?

No, the above-listed software can be used to speed up the writing process but can not be used as a substitute for content writers completely.

Which is the most economical AI writing software among the listed ones?

Rytr, Ink editor, and CopyAI are the cheapest as they offer a free plan also.

Which is the best AI copywriting tool?

Jasper is the best AI copywriting tool as it is under budget and also great for all types of content generation.

Bottom Line: Best AI Software and Tools For Writers

The top 10 best AI writing software and tools listed in this article are based on the reviews of the customers, the service of the company, and the pricing of the plans.

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If you have any queries, you are welcome in the comment section.

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