Article Forge Review 2023: Is It The Best AI Writer?

Are you looking for Article Forge Review 2022? Confused if the latest Article Forge 3.0 version is helpful in creating content?

If Yes, then your search ends here! With AI writing tools, you can generate high-quality content in seconds closer to human writing.

That’s why In this article, we’ve done an in-depth review of Article Forge 3.0 and why it’s so useful for bloggers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and content writers to level up their businesses.

Article Forge 3.0, Article Forge review

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In this article, we’ve covered:

  1. What is Article Forge 3.0?
  2. Features of Article Forge 3.0
  3. Benefits of using Article Forge
  4. How to use it to generate content?
  5. Article Forge 3.0: Pro & Cons
  6. Pricing Plans
  7. Many more

Let’s begin!

What is Article Forge 3.0?

article forge reviews

Article Forge 3.0 is an AI-based tool to generate high-quality content in seconds. It uses deep learning models & artificial intelligence technology to generate unique, SEO-friendly, high-quality, and human-like content in one click.

This AI tool helps you save your time on writing and automatically generate high-quality content closer to human writing. It’s a very advanced tool, and when you put a keyword, Article Forge automatically scans millions of articles quickly and generates the best content in seconds. 

Article Forge 3.0 is specifically designed to generate high-quality & SEO-friendly articles. You can consider this tool as a cheaper, better, and faster alternative to hiring a freelance content writer for your articles.

Key Features of Article Forge 3.0

✅ Generate high-quality content in 60 seconds

✅ It’s so easy to use 

✅ It uses AI & deep learning technology

✅ Specifically designed for generating articles

✅ Comes with a 5-day free trial

✅ Allows third-party integrations (API)

✅ Automatically passes through Copyscape

✅ You can generate SEO-friendly articles in bulk

✅ Support seven different languages

✅ Automatically add headlines, images, videos, and links in articles

✅ Automatically posts to blogs

Top 5 Benefits of Using Article Forge 3.0

There are multiple reasons to use this tool, but I’ve covered five major benefits of using this tool:

Benefit 1: Article Forge is better than other tools

Article Forge is specifically designed to generate high-quality articles in less than 60 seconds. It’s generating content and adding personal touch like style, headlines, images, videos, links, sentences, etc., to enhance articles’ quality. And it’s passed through Copyscape means that content is 100% unique and SEO-friendly. It’s an easy-to-use tool and generates articles in one click.

Benefit 2: Save your Time & Cost

With Article Forge, you can generate high-quality, SEO-friendly, human-like content in seconds. And it’s worth it as compared to hiring an expensive content writer.

Benefit 3: It’s a one-click process

You need to put a keyword and a short introduction of your content to generate high-quality, SEO-friendly, and unique articles in less than 60 seconds. It’s a one-click process to use Article Forge and generate content.

Benefit 4: Generate Bulk Articles

If you’ve requirements for bulk articles, then Article Forge 3.0 is helpful for you. With Article Forge, you can generate quality content for bulk articles easily.

Benefit 5: Increase Search Engine Ranking with SEO-friendly Articles

Article Forge 3.0 tool generates SEO-friendly content, which is why your articles get a better ranking on Google. These articles are SEO optimized high-quality with headlines, images, videos, and relevancy. Article Forge automatically does all these SEO efforts.

These are the five best benefits of using the Article Forge tool for content generation. 

How Does Article Forge 3.0 Work?

If you’re impressed with Article Forge 3.0 and want to try this tool, then keep reading this article because we’ve reviewed its step-by-step process and how to use this tool for generating high-quality content. Let’s begin!

Step #1 Take a “Free-Trial

Article Forge 3.0

If you want to try this tool, you can surely take a free trial and use its amazing features to generate quality articles. When you visit the main website, you’ll see a button for “take a free trial” click on it and redirect to the next page.

Step #2 Fill the details and Signup for a free trial

how to signup for Article Forge

Here, you need to fill in your name, email, and password to access it whenever you want.

Step #3 Dashboard

Article Forge 3.0 welcome page

After successful registration, you’ll redirect to the dashboard where you’ll see so many options to use in this tool like:

  • New Article
  • My Article
  • WordPress
  • Post Scheduler
  • AP Information
  • Affiliate Program
  • Help Center

To start creating content, go to “New Article” 

Step #4 Describe the details

When you click on “New Article” you’ll see two steps

  • Create a New Article 
  • Customize your Article-style

Let’s start with “create a new article“:

How to create article on Article Forge

You need to fill in the given details like Primary Keyword and Sub-keywords only so that Article Forge starts scanning millions of articles and is ready to generate content for the given topic.

After filling in the given details, you’ll redirect to the next step 

customize your article style

content customization

In this step, you’ll get many options to customize your content quality by adding titles, images, videos, word limit, keywords, and auto post on the Website.

These features are so helpful, and you can use them as per your requirements to make your content more engaging and SEO-friendly.

Once you complete the customization, your article is ready to generate in one click.

Step #5 Generated High-quality Articles

Everything is done from your side, and now you need to click on the “click here to see the results” button.

AI article generqation

Congratulations! You’ve generated high-quality human-like content in seconds.

Article Forge 3.0: Pros & Cons

Let us now discuss the pros and cons of Article Forge.


  • Easy to use
  • It comes with a free trial
  • Generate content in 60 seconds
  • SEO-friendly articles
  • one-click process
  • You can generate bulk articles
  • images, videos, links – automatically added to article
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • You can automatically post to blogs
  • 100% unique (passed through Copyscape)
  • Allows third-party integrations


  • It’s specifically designed for generating articles, not for Google/Fb ads, social media posts
  • Sometimes you’ll get irrelevant generated content.

Article Forge Pricing Plans

Article Forge offers two paid plans:

  • Standard Plan ($27/month)
  • Unlimited Plan ($57/month)
Article Forge Pricing Review

Article Forge 3.0 also offers a 5-day free trial so that you can take advantage of its amazing features, and if you’re getting results, then you can switch to its paid plans. 

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Article Forge Alternative AI Tools

As Article Forge is an AI writing assistant, similarly there are many other same AI writing tools, that provide the same features and benefits just like this tool. And some more popular and advanced than this one.

Here, I have mentioned the top 4 alternatives ai writing assistants of Article Forge:

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI one of the most popular AI writing tools, allows you to generate long and short content in less time and less expense. Just give jasper system your keyword and let him write blogs, contents, headlines, descriptions, small or big posts, social media captions and stories, poems, novels, and frictions for you.

Know more about jasper’s plans and pricing here: Jasper Boss Mode VS Starter

2. Shortly AI

ShortlyAI is an automatic artificial intelligence-based writing and content generation tool. Shortly Provides you with multiple tools and powerful commands, to improve your writing skills and observations.

3. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy allows you to emerge with new ideas and imaginations. You can generate blogs, content, sales, descriptions, letters, emails, and much more writing-related things without any limits and restrictions.

4. Rytr AI

RytrAI tool is designed to write and generate all kinds of text, it is an AI automated writing tool, that is using OpenAI’s GPT-3, technology. It lets you write emails, blogs, youtube intros & descriptions, facebooks ads, landing pages, product descriptions, story plots, taglines & headlines, and many more.

There are multiple such tools you can know more about them here: Best GPT3 Text Generator Tools.

Below we have created a comparison table so that you will better understand the alternatives of Article Forge and the similarities between them.

Features Article ForgeJasperRytrClosersCopyShortly
Words/ month 250 K/m20 K/m50 K/m120 K/m
Pricing $27/m$29/m$ 9 /m$ 20.99/m$ 65/m
Plagiarism checkerYesYes Yes Yes Yes 
Free Trial/planTrial  5 days)No Free planNo Free trial
Money-back policy30- days5 daysNo 30 daysNo 
Supported languages 725+30+100+

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Article Forge Reviews & Ratings

Let’s have a look at ratings and reviews of Article Forge by two top reviewers.

Capterra has rated and given it 4 stars out of 5

capterra article forge reviews and ratings

G2 has rated and given it 3.5 stars out of 5

g2 article forge ratings and reviews

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How can You Contact The Article Forge Team?

You can contact their support team any time, you will find it active 24×7, for answering your queries and problems related to their product.

The only way to contact them is the Contact us form they have provided on their website, you can simply fill that in and get in touch with them.

contact form provided by article forge

In the contact us form, fill that in by providing the details like your mail-id and enter your query there and send your message and get a reply within minutes.

If you like story writing, then make that easier with the AI story Generator tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Article Forge free?

Article Forge 3.0 is not free, but it comes with a 5-day free trial to use its amazing features at no cost. Also, this tool comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Does Article Forge 3.0 offer API Access?

Yes, it’s allowed to integrate with third-party platforms. 

Is Article Forge legit?

This tool is completely legit and provides excellent quality articles that nearly match with human writing. You can expect high-quality content by using Article Forge.

How much does Article Forge 3.0 cost?

Its starting plan, “standard plan,” costs $27/month (billed annually).

Does Article Forge generate SEO-friendly content?

Yes, if you’re using the Article Forge 3.0 tool, then you’ll get high-quality SEO-friendly generated articles that quickly rank on Google.

Is Article Forge 3.0 Worth it?

We’ve done an in-depth review of Article Forge 3.0 with its features, benefits, pros & cons, and pricing plans. After reading this article, we hope you’ll get a clear idea about this tool, its uses, and why it’s beneficial for your business.

Because Article Forge 3.0 is specifically designed for those who want to generate content for articles. If you’re a blogger or a content writer, this tool is beneficial for you to level up your business. This tool helps you to generate high-quality human-like content including headlines, images, videos, keywords to make it SEO-friendly articles that quickly rank on Google. 

If you’ve such specific requirements for generating articles, then Article Forge 3.0 is the best tool for you. But I suggest you start with a 5-day free trial, and if you’re getting results, you can continue with a paid plan. Drop your comment and let me know your opinion about this tool?

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