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Looking for the best AI story writers that can write a book or a novel in 2024? If yes, we have the best AI tools that write stories, books and novels in a few hours.

You can create your first draft or story plot in a few minutes using these AI tools.

Everyone loves to read or listen to stories. From kids to old ages and there are thousands of stories that are based on the same theme, every writer wants to make them different. So that readers can find them more interesting. In this situation, the best option is to generate stories through AI tools.

AI tools are secure reliable & affordable platforms to write any type of content or stories. And the best part about them is every time you get a new, original, and error-free content or story.

ai story generators, ai story writer

So today we have brought you our best AI text generator and story writing tools. These tools are fully reliable and convincing. And we have also brought their features and pricing for you.

Let’s begin with the best Ai story generators.

Best AI Story Generators

All AI writing tools provide you with different services and features, like blogs, content, articles, descriptions, emails, headlines and stories, frictions, and books.

best ai story generators

Today in this article we are especially focusing on story writer tools and AI story generators.

Story writing is one of the most creative and frictional writing strategies. In story writing, the writer writes with his/ her life experiences and different characters, which may be real or imaginary.

Novel writing is also one of its types, novels are briefly described stories or collections of multiple stories, with frictions, dialogues, and so many characters.

To make that more simple, creative, and new a writer must try these AI tools.

Here we have started with Jasper Ai tool.


jasperai story writing ai tool

Jasper AI is the best AI story writer today. It automatically generates original content that includes blogs, big and small content, articles, news headlines, stories, novels, books, and frictions. 

Here we are basically focusing on story writing tools and AI software. jasper is one of them that automatically generates high-quality content and stories.


Jasper Ai comes up with two plans-

Starter Plan– Jasper starter plan, is especially for writing small and short content and copywriting such as headlines, captions, social media posts, and product descriptions.

This plan costs you $29 per month, with 20K words per month and unlimited account users.

Boss Mode– The Boss mode is for writing long and big content writing such as blogs, reports, news, emails, stories, and novels.

Know which Jasper plan is beneficial for you and proves to be the best copywriting assistant.

This plan costs you $59 per month, with 50K words per month with unlimited users and 50+ AI copywriting skills.

Jasper Pricing MonthlyAnnual Mode
Boss Mode$59 pay monthly$588 pay yearly
It will cost you $708 yearlyIt cost you $49 per month
Starter$29 pay monthly $288 pay yearly
It will cost you $348 yearlyIt will cost you $24 per month


Jasper is an AI tool that is highly trained to generate unique, creative, and original content. jasper improves your workflow and increases productivity by making text generating 10 times faster.

Basically, jasper is a GPT-3 based writing tool.

Here are some features that jasper provides as with the AI story writing tool-

  • Whatever topic you will choose provides you with a different story every time. 
  • It speeds your writing time, just give a title to your story, and boom you have your story written in a very good way.
  • Creates long stories, short stories, books, novels, and frictions with dialogues. 
  • It layout your creative ideas improves your writing skills and also provides you with many new suggestions on writing.
  • It provides you with more than 25 languages, so you don’t have to face the language bar. 
  • You can refurbish your existing stories and also make them long or short. 

Stop spending your time and money just writing one story for two to three days use jasper and let him do story writing for you.

jasper provides you a 5 days money back policy guarantee or a free trial, if you cancel out your plan within 5 days then you will get all your paid money back.

Try JasperAi Free Trial and you get all the features and tools during this period, you can also generate 10K words for free.


shortlyai story writing ai tool

Shorty is an AI automated writing tool, it is using OpenAI’s GPT-3, technology. This provides you with lots of text and also trains you on how to write.

Shortly can be proved as the best story writer tool, extend your creativity, and let Shortly write for you.


You get two payment modes for the Shortly Premium Plan-

Monthly Plan-You gets all the powerful commands and tools with monthly paid mode.

This plan costs you $75 per month, with the latest updates on a daily basis.

Annual Plan– You get all features and tools with all-powerful commands in yearly paid mode and also get two months of free service.

In this plan, you have to pay once a year and it will cost you $65 per month.

Monthly PlanAnnual Plan
$75 per month
billed monthly
$ 65 per month
billed annually
It will cost you $900 yearly. Pay the amount of $780
once in a year
. You will also
get two months free.


ShortlyAI is a popular AI-based copywriting tool that generates quality content for you in less time. It saves lots of time, money, human effort and also increases productivity at less expense. 

You also get powerful commands to rewrite, expand and shorten your sentences instantly. These commands help you to generate a perfect sentence.

You get high-quality content with originality. You just have to give your keyword there with a title and give a small description for the kind of article you need, and you will get original content every time.

Here are some features that Shortly provides as with the AI story writing tool-

  • Writes content or stories in less than a minute.
  • You get original and different stories every time, you can check the originality by plagiarism checking tools. 
  • You can also improve your writing skills as it provides you ideas and topics that are ranking on SEO.
  • You can also implement your existing content by extracting and cintracting them.

ShortlyAI also provides you a free trial, just sign up with your email and you don’t need to give any credit card details.

Try out the free trial by ShortlyAI to get the understanding of all the features and benefits that ShortlyAI provides. Once convinced, you can then upgrade your plan.

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closerscopy story writing ai tool

ClosersCopy emerges new ideas, level up, and engages your blogs and content. It is an artificial intelligence-based writing tool.

We use ClosersCopy to generate blogs, content, sales, descriptions, letters, emails, and much more writing-related things without any limits and restrictions.


ClosersCopy offers you three plans with monthly and annually paid modes.

Starter Plan– It cost you $29.99 per month.

Professional Plan– It costs you $49.99 per month.

Unlimited Plan– It costs you $79.99 per month.

Starter PlanProfessional PlanUnlimited Plan
Monthly Billed$29.99 per month$49.99 per month$79.99 per month
You have to pay $29.99 per month and it will cost you $359.88 yearly. You have to pay $49.99 per month and it will cost you $599.88 yearly. You have to pay $79.99 per month and it will cost you $959.88 yearly.
Yearly Billed$20.99 per month$ 34.99 per month $ 55.99 per month
You have to pay the amount of $251.88 once a year and it will cost you $20.99 monthly.You have to pay the amount of $419.88 once a year and it will cost you $34.99 monthly. You have to pay the amount of $671.88 once a year and it will cost you $55.99 monthly.
You get an instant discount of 30% if you pay through annually billed mode. You get an instant discount of 30% in an annually billed mode. You get an instant discount of 30% in yearly billed mode.


ClosersCopy, an OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology-based writing tool. It automatically generates long and short content in less time and less human effort and writers. It also decreases your expense.

As it is a fully ai based tool, you can generate any type of content with this. You can write sales pages, blogs, and articles.

ClosersCopy transforms your ideas Into engaging blogs and irresistible marketing copy.

Let’s discuss some features of ClosersCopy.

  • It allows you to write sales copy, short & long articles, without any limits and restrictions.
  • You can use 270+ different marketing frameworks and templates. Give your ideas & title and let Ai to make it a finished product.
  • You get easy drag and drop pre-designed outliners and frames.
  • Get deeply researched and completed content with good speed and zero grammar & spelling errors.
  • It allows you to write in any language as AI gives access for 120+ different languages, globally.

You also get Lifetime Deals by ClosersCopy, with its Professional and Unlimited plan modes.


copysmithstory writing ai tool

Copysmith is an ai automated writing tool. It is suitable for marketers, eCommerce-based organizations, and other digital marketing agencies for generating and delivering writing content for marketing.

It helps you in generating faster content and provides you with bulk content generation features.


Starter Plan– This plan is suitable for individuals and startups.

Professional Plan– Professional plan is for professionals who want to integrate their content and writing and make it upper level.

Enterprise Plan– this plan is for big organizations and companies for team collaborations and small projects.

Starter PlanProfessional Plan
Monthly Billed$19 per month( pay monthly ) $59 per month ( pay monthly)
Costs $228 yearlyCosts $ 708 yearly
Yearly Billed$ 192 yearly( pay once a year)$ 600 yearly ( pay once a year)
$16 per month
with this plan save 15% in yearly pricing.
$50 per month
Save 15% with yearly billed plan mode.


CopySmith, an AI crafter tool for content writing and story generator, is an expert tool in creating high-quality ads, product descriptions, emails, content, and marketing strategies.

It supports marketing and eCommerce content generation, collaboration, and create quality content speedily.

Copysmith is beneficial for marketing agencies, marketing teams, freelancers, and e-commerce companies or small owners.

  • Store and organize client’s content in one place and better yet, with machine learning content generations improve over time.
  • You can also promote your services with sales and email templates.
  • Create targeted ads with ad caption templates.
  • Minimize the time spend and create content in a range of industries and brand tones to fit the needs of any client.
  • Promote your services, goods and products as a freelancers.
  • Generate and launch unlimited Product Descriptions at warp speed for your e-commerce.

Get so many templates for every type of content as Facebook ads, google ads, Instagram ads, product descriptions, Linkedin profiles, Amazon product descriptions, and other social media and business descriptions.

With Copysmith you can write high-quality articles, blogs, posts, descriptions, and reviews, and also do branding, brainstorming, landing pages, headlines, and captions for your social media post.

If you want to know about more AI tools for story writing then you can also visit: Best tools for online text generators.

What is an AI Story Generator?

what is an ai story gernerator

An AI story generator converts your ideas and thoughts into a long and variant story. Also, suggest a plot of that story. 

It’s in hands of a writer to increase the depths and details of that story. 

You can write very long as well as short stories with these tools. 

Choose your use case or template on the tool whichever tool you are using then give a small story idea about your story like select your story tone, give it a story title about what you want to write, then give a small description and finally command the tool to write and within minutes you will get you the story.

You can generate novels, storybooks, and small chapters of different stories with AI story writers. 

The AI tools are basically GPT-3 technology-based tools that generate unique stories and are designed with different network algorithms.

These tools are very much generative as it completes more than half a portion of your stories, you just need to do a final touch-up.  

You can generate different kinds of stories that include love stories, action stories, horror, crime stories, mysteries, genre, and other science frictions.

Let’s know a little bit about stories, novels, and book writing.

About Stories, Novels and Books Writing

Stories and Novels give lives to the imagination and creativity of a writer. Stories teach you about life, happiness, events that can b real or frictional.

Stories are made of different chapters and parts and their plot makes them more interesting.

Same way novels are long stories or frictions, that are combined together in a single book.

Stories need small content, and plots while novels require long plots and huge content. Story writing is of many types, for kids, adults, and old persons. Each has its own type and length.

As novels are a combination of many stories and frictions or a long narrative story or friction with little realism that is written in order with writers personal experience.

In this way, a whole book is being created, in multiple different languages and forms.

As writers type their ideas and stories with normal writing software, sometimes it takes so long as two-three days to complete a small story. But these Ai tools are revolutionary products in the market of writing and content generation.

And they also increase your quantity with good quality of content. Ai tools provide you with new ideas and also improve your writing and thinking skills.

Are you excited to know the benefits of these AI story writing tools?

Benefits of Using an AI Story Generator

benefits of ai  story writing tools

As a story writer, you want and also it is necessary to write a unique and creative story that the book lovers find attractive and also it must be according to the readers.

Whether you are writing stories for small kids, young age or old age group people you should keep in mind about the requirements and interest of each age group and words and type of languages you are using. 

AI tools make it flexible and very easy. It gives you a plot and you can increase the length of your story.

A good story AI generator provides you stories with-

  • Less time and fewer writer efforts.
  • It generates stories in easy language that are very easy to understand 
  • It decreases your writing expenses and generates long novels and books in less time.
  • You get each content with 100% original or plagiarism-free writings. 
  • You also get error-free content with AI tools. Fewer grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will be removed and that will add more to your story or make it more beautiful.
  • Decreases the writer’s expense and gives more productivity with less human minds and power.

So do you know how these AI writers generate the stories that a reader requires?

How Can You Generate Unique Stories Using AI Story Writers?

how can you generate stories using ai tools

An AI writer generates text or content using algorithms that pick data from the web and use popular keywords and other information to generate stories.

As we know, these AI tools are taught and maintained by the world’s best SEO experts and blog experts. These experts make them ready for writing stories also.

So they take ideas and context from already present stories and generate a new one by adding fresh and latest sentences using multiple ways of creating stories from those themes and content. 

Just in three steps, you get your story ready to read- 

Firstly  choose your use case or story template from that tool,

Secondly, give an idea about your story and a small description like how you want its plot,

Finally, command that tool to write for you and get results in less than one minute. 

The better you give the description, the better that will write your stories for you. An AI writer uses multiple factors for story writing as headings, plots, intro, and big & small paragraphs.

They use multiple templates that are based on AIDA, PAS, & BAB for generating tempting stories, even kids also like them.

Know about more such tools: Top 10 Best AI Writing Software & Content Generator Tools.

Drawbacks of Using AI Story Writer

Sometimes the AI tool lacks the latest facts and numbers. 

  1. All AI writing tools are good to create first draft but still manual intervention is required.
  2. It can write simple stories but it may be difficult for it to write complex stories. 
  3. Sometimes it fails to get the real emotions and fails to detect the real tone behind the story description. 
  4. If the details are not entered properly, these writers may not be able to write well every time.
  5. As AI writers generate original content in their way, it will not follow any pattern or theme and it does not have any emotions with that story as it was created by algorithms.

AI story writers make it easy to write and present you with good and perfectly plotted stories but this is not exactly a human mind so you may find some difficulties regarding some topics.

Overall, as per our experience, AI writers are very effective and reliable. You should surely try them.

FAQs: AI Story Writers

How can I create a story with an AI tool?

Here are the steps by which you can create engaging frictional stories-
Step1- Select your template or use case.
Step2- Select writing and delivery language.
Step3- Choose your tone.
Step4- Give your title or keyword.
step5- Just one click and you will instantly get the result.
Now, you have fully finished, original, and error-free content.

Can I generate my story with Ai free of cost?

Some of the AI tools provide you with free plans or a free trial, with the basic features, for taking the more advanced features you have to take the paid or premium plans with advanced features.

Which AI tools are best for writing a story?

There are so many tools, but some of the best are:
Jasper, ShortlyAi, ClosersCopy, and RytrAi.

Final Words: AI Story Writing Tools and Software for 2024

We have reached the end of this article.

Here we have brought our best-reviewed story writing tools based on Artificial Intelligence.

Which is the best AI story writer? As per our research, we found Jasper AI as the best AI writing tool for stories, books and even novels.

Apart from Jasper, ShortlyAI, Closerscopy, and Copysmith. If you are trying to create something new and unique content as stories for the readers then you must surely try these tools.

If you are confused about their services then each tool offers you some free trial periods or free plans, start with the free trial then that time period is enough for you to observe the functions and features of that tool.

Finally, we hope this article is beneficial for you and guide you in writing stories, frictions, and other content for books.

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