ShortlyAi Free Trial 2023: How To Get Free ShortlyAI Account?

Looking for AI automated content generation tools, Why don’t you try with ShortlyAI? And to make it easier for you I have brought ShortlyAI free trial for you.

ShortlyAI, an AI content generation tool for writers and is an automated tool that makes your working so easy and fast and has a free trial.

In today’s era, these devices are gaining popularity simply because they save a lot of time and money.

So if you are planning to try this then you can surely start with a free trial. Later you can upgrade your plan to a paid one. In this article, I have mentioned its pricing. 

shortlyai free trial

ShortlyAI is a popular AI automatic writing and content generator tool. It helps you and assists you in writing a well-planned article with zero grammatical and spelling mistakes with 100% originality. 

You can get this free trial without giving your credit card details you just have to log in or sign up. 

You can write big and small articles, paragraphs, books, blog posts, and stories and frictions with ShortlyAI. 

You can improve your commands on writing, your grammar and also make your skills strong.

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How can You Get a Free trial?

Above we have discussed the free trial ShortlyAI is offering. Let’s have a look at the ways you can get this free trial easily.

Here are the steps, follow them and get a free trial.

Step 1: Go to Shortly.AI or click on the button below to go directly through this link.

Step 2: Now enter your email address and click on the button try now, as shown in the snapshot below.

shortlyai website's main page

Step 3: Now you get the signup form on your screen, you will have three options for signing up, from Facebook, Apple, or through email id by creating an id. 

Choose the option that is suitable for you. 

Step 4: Fill up the details in case you are using email, enter your first name, last name, email, and generate a password.

As shown in the snapshot below. 

shortlyai free trial sign up details

Step 5: After successfully signing up, you will get on the welcome screen, skip everything.

Step 6: Now at last you will get two options, select the type of document you are willing to create.

Opt 1. For writing an article

Opt 2. For writing a blog/ article

 Choose your option among them,

shortlyai first page

As I am going with article writing.

Step 7: You will get a blank space to type your title and a box to give commands.

Now fill up the page as provided in the snapshot below. As I have commented my title and description as I need.

shortlyai demo content writing page

Step 8:  Finally click on the Write for me button, and wait for some seconds.

So, here I got the result, you can see, and within seconds this happens.

shortlyai final content page

Congratulations, you have successfully activated your ShortlyAI free trial. 

Now use this for creating different types of articles.

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Why ShortlyAI Free Trial?

You must be wondering why you should use ShortlyAI, so the free trial is just for showing you how it works and the features and benefits it is providing. 

Let’s see what benefit you are getting from ShortlyAi free trial.

  • Generate 10x faster articles

Content creation takes so much time with the human mind and hands and more time is consumed on research work. As ShortlyAI is an artificial intelligence automated tool, it writes content with 10x speed, with zero grammatical & spelling mistakes, and also with 100% originality.

  • Cancel Anytime

If you are not satisfied with the Shortly’s features and tools then you can cancel this anytime without any cost or cancellation fee. Even at the time of taking the free trial, you don’t have to put in any credit card details, which makes it easier to use and cancel anytime.

  • Generate small and big content

It can write big and small content for you. You can even expand and contract your previously created content. 

  • Write small or big descriptions

It can generate big and small descriptions for you that include sales copies, product descriptions, and also social media posts, and product & sales descriptions. 

  • Create descriptions for Youtube videos

If you are a Youtuber, you can generate an impressive description for your youtube videos. You can also generate the scripts for your videos. 

  • Create intros with fluency for your videos or blogs

It also helps you in creating the content for your video intros and also the introduction of your blog.

  • Write your novel or book

You can also write a whole book and novel with ShortlyAI.

  • Get powerful commands and multiple tools

Shortly AI provides you with multiple & powerful tools and some commands. That will make your content generation easier.

Introduction of ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI is a popular AI-based copywriting tool that generates quality content for you in seconds. It saves lots of time and also increases productivity at less expense. 

ShortlyAI is GPT-3 based AI copywriting and content writing tool. It generates high-quality content with originality.

Features of ShortlyAI

Let’s have a look at the benefits you’re getting with the ShortlyAI content generator tool-

ShortlyAI creates content in seconds, you just have to give your title with a small description for your article then, just one tap and before you blink your eyes, the AI tool will provide you with your original content. 

  1. Generates content in less time.
  2. Increases productivity with less expanse.
  3. Generates the original content with every topic, you can check the originality by plagiarism checking tools. 
  4. Give ideas about topics and improve your writing skills and brainstorm ideas. 
  5. ShortlyAI provides you continuous updates and gets better each time. 
  6. You can extend and contract the existing written content.
  7. Saves lots of manpower and time with money.

Try out the free trial to get all the features and benefits ShortlyAI provides and then upgrade your plan.

ShortlyAI Pricing

ShortlyAI provides you with two payment options.

Monthly Plan Mode

If you are planning to take the ShortlyAi subscription for a short time or just for some months then a monthly plan is suitable for you. You have to pay monthly to renew this plan every month. 

shortlyai monthly plan and pricing chart
  • Get all powerful tools and commands at just $79 a month.
  • Improve your writing skills and generate original and quality content.
  • This plan is for those who want it for a short time period. 
  • In the monthly payment mode, you have to pay monthly billed mode.

Annual Plan Mode

Annual Payment mode costs you less than the monthly payment mode, if you are planning to take a ShortlyAI subscription for the long term then you must go for an annual plan as it will save you approx $228 in overall payment. 

As this is a one-time payment mode, pay one time on a yearly basis and use it for 12 months worry-free.

shortlyai Annual plan and pricing chart
  • With an annual plan mode, you have to pay $65 per month and get all the powerful features and tools. 
  • You also get a two-month free subscription, which means pay for 10 months and use it for 12 months.
  • You have to pay yearly billed payment mode. 

Who Can Go For Shortly Free Trial?

Here is a list of some people or professions that can use ShortlyAI free trial and later can update that to any of its paid plans.

  1. Content Writers– Content writers can use shortly for creating long and short content.  It implements the quality of content with originality. 
  1. Story Writers-Writers can use ShortlyAI for writing stories, novels, and even books.
  1. YouTubers- YouTubers can create the intro videos content and also video description through this tool. 
  1. Content Creators- big and small content creators can use ShortlyAI for generating content related to any of the topics and streams.
  1. Bloggers- If you are a digital marketer and a full-time blogger then this tool is very beneficial for you in creating blogs.

If you are one of them then you should definitely go for ShortlyAi Free Trial, and if you are a student or want to start content writing then also you can try this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free ShortlyAI

What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is an AI-based automated content generator tool and copywriting software. That works with GPT-3, one of the world’s biggest neural-network powered language models to write.

Can you use ShortlyAI for free?

Yes, you can use ShortlyAI for free as it provides you with a free trial without any credit card details.

How much does ShortlyAI cost?

ShortlyAI cost you $65/ month.

Does ShortlyAI provide plagiarism-free content?

Yes, you get 100% original and fresh content that is plagiarism-free. 

What you can do with a free trial of ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI allows you to write 4 content with a free trial. This means you can hit the run command four times and test the performance of this AI tool.

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Final Words on ShortlyAi Free Trial

In this article, I have given full information about ShortlyAI free trial, with the steps you can follow to grab the free trial.

I have informed you about the features and benefits you are getting with the free trial and also mentioned a small description of ShortlyAI tool, that will be helpful for you to understand the ShortlyAI tool with its working.

You can activate your free trial just by signing up or by logging in, try out the free trial, and if you are comfortable and satisfied with Shortly’s features then can upgrade it with premium plans.

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