5 Best GPT3 Text Generator: Tools For Online Text Generation

AI, artificial intelligence is the future of technology and the technical world. Today we have brought the best GPT3 text generators backed by Artificial Intelligence. These GPT3 tools will help you in online text generation quickly.

In case you want in-depth information about what exactly GPT 3 is, this article will help you know about it.

We will start with the best GPT3 technology-based online text generation tools. Later in this article, we will cover the theoretical part related to GPT-3 technology.

gpt3 text generator

5 GPT 3 Tools For Online Text Generation

GPT-3 tools are software, AI-based, and help in automatic text generation and copywriting

Several AI GPT-3 tools provide you with free and paid text generation services and plans. And also multiple features and tools. As per our experience, Free tool’s output is mostly wrong and there are no features at all.

gpt-3 technology text generator tools

We have brought popular 5 AI-based GPT-3 tools with their small description with pricing and features.

Let’s begin.

Jarvis.AI (Now Jasper AI)

jasper ai

Jasper.Ai is an automated text generator tool based on GPT-3 technology

With Jasper, you can generate long and short content easily and in very little time. You can generate blogs, content, landing pages, different social media posts & advertisements, emails, and various descriptions.

You can improve your writing skills and implement your fresh ideas with already present 50+ templates.

You can generate unique & creative content in several languages.

It also delivers multiple use cases so that you can get to know the ways you can use Jasper for. 

With Jasper, you can create SEO-optimized content with popular and ranked keywords.

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Features of Jasper

Jasper provides you with multiple features, we can’t mention all of them here but can highlight some of the important ones Jasper provides to their customers.

Have a look at some features of Jasper-

  • With Jasper.ai create long or short blog posts, frictions, stories, books, and even novels.
  • It provides you with multiple copywriting tools and features, uses them, and creates quality content just in seconds such as blog introduction, storytelling.
  • With Jasper, you get folders to organize your content and you can safely share with your team keep your projects and writings safe and also organize your client’s data. 
  • Implement content with SEO- based keywords to make it rank. 
  • Write the content in more than 25 languages apart from English.

Plans and Pricing

With Jasper, you get two paid plans-

1. Starter plan: Costs you $29/ month.

gpt-3 jasper plans and pricing

The starter plan is customized specially for generating short content like headlines, descriptions, and social media posts.

  • You get 20 K words per month with this plan.
  • Get 50+ AI skills.
  • With unlimited projects and user logins.
  • You can organize content SEO optimized search and get your work auto-saved.

You can increase the number of words per month in the Starter Plan and pay accordingly. You can get 1M words that cost you up to $499/ month.

With the Yearly billed payment mode, you can save 16% and pay only $24 per month and also get 2 months of free use with all the features and tools.

2. Boss Mode Plan: Costs you $ 59/ month. 

The Boss mode is especially for generating Long content like blogs, stories, and novels. 

  • You get 50 K words per month.
  • Get 50+ AI skills.
  • Generates long-form documents.
  • Get unlimited projects and user logins.
  • You get Jasper commands, SEO modes, Plagiarism checker, and Grammarly with Jasper.
  • Get unlimited folders to optimize your work with autosaving. 

You can increase the number of words per month in the Starter Plan and pay accordingly. You can get 5M words that cost you up to $3,600/ month. You won’t believe but this AI tool can write stories too.

With the Yearly billed payment mode, you can save 16% and pay only $ 49 per month and also get 2 months free Boss Mode plan which means pay for 10 months and use for 12 months.

Jasper Free Trial

With Jasper, you also get a 5-day free trial, try Jasper free trial for 5 days without spending a single cent. Activate Free Jasper AI trial easily.


shortlyai  content generator tool

ShortlyAI is an automatic content generator tool and a writing assistant that provides you with accurate and good quality content with originality. 

ShortlyAI saves lots of time and also increases productivity at less expense. ShortlyAI is GPT-3 based AI copywriting and content writing tool. 

ShortlyAI creates content in seconds, you just have to enter your title with a command for your article then, just one tap and get the relevant content within seconds. 

You can generate content for long as well as short projects. 

Whether you are writing a blog post or a headline, writing a big novel /book, or a small product description Shortly provides you with a platform for every type of writing.

Features of ShortlyAI

The ShortlyAI tool generates the text in seconds, saves lots of time, and also increases productivity. 

  • Get powerful commands to implement your content, direct commands like a rewrite, expand and shorten your writing.
  • Improves your ideas about popular and ranking headings and keywords and also improves your writing skills with brainstorming ideas.
  • ShortlyAI provides you with the latest updates and comes up with better results each time. 
  • You can maximize and minimize the size of existing written content.
  • As ShortlyAI is an artificial intelligence automated tool, it writes content with 10x speed, with zero grammatical & spelling mistakes, and also with 100% originality.

Plans and Pricing

Shortly comes up with two plans-

1. Monthly Plan– Costs you $75/ month.

If you are willing to take a ShortlyAI subscription for a short period then, you can go forward with a monthly plan.

This plan is billed as $75 monthly, you can cancel it anytime.

2. Annual Plan– Cost you $65 / month.

Annual Plan subscription is for the long-term period. 

Annual Plan billed once in a year, you have to pay the cost of $780 once.

This plan also provides you with two months of free subscription, pay once for 10 months, and take benefit for 12 months. 

gpt-3 shortly plans and pricing

Shortly.AI Free Trial

Activate a free ShortlyAI trial, as you can observe the features and can continue with paid plans


copysmith ai text generator tool

Copysmith is an AI generator tool especially for eCommerce and Marketing teams to monitor, collaborate and generate quality content within seconds. 

It helps you in generating content faster.

Give your idea to Copysmith and that will convert that idea into a finished quality product. 

Copysmith also provides multiple templates for every type of content. You get templates for ads, blogs, brainstorming, branding, and other types of content.

Features of Copysmith

Here are some features of the Compysmith ai tool.

  • It generates content faster and suggests ideas for content creation. Provides you with a content idea template for any type of creation.
  • It also provides you with a bulk content generation feature, where you can distribute content accordingly easily.
  • It provides you AI-powered workflow queue, streamlines content feedback, and approvals, organizes your data on project management tools. 
  • Get expert advice 24×7, on the accurate and latest content and topics. Get advice in every stream or every field, travel, fashion, food, technology, and other faces. 

Plans and Pricing

Copysmith comes up with 4 main plans-

  • Starter Plan
  • Professional Plan
  • Teams
  • Enterprise

1. Starter Plan costs you $19 per month, this plan is for individuals and beginners. The starter plan provides you 50 credits per month,  you can write in 60+ languages. 

2. Professional Plan costs you $59 per month, this plan is for professional workers, This plan provides unlimited credits per month with a plagiarism checker. The professional plan also provides you free form, smart editor.

3. Teams Plan costs you $118 per month, for 2 users. With unlimited credits per month, you get teams and collaboration features.

copysmith plans and pricing

4. Enterprise Plan is for big business persons, this provides you unlimited creation and control over your writing. In this plan, you get unlimited credits, unlimited plagiarism checking. 

Copysmith Free Trial

Copysmith also offers you a free trial without any credit card details just log in or sign up and start using the free trial.


rytr.ai gtp-3 ai writing tool

Rytr is a popular AI writing assistant that helps you in creating high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at less price. 

With Rytr you get multiple use cases and try out your required use case. 

With Rytr.ai you can create good quality content, blogs, interview questions, headlines, youtube videos & intro descriptions, story plots, ads, social media posts, SEO titles, taglines and headlines, reviews, and can also create an interactive profile bio. 

Features of Rytr.ai

Here are Rytr.ai’s features-

  • You have 5 K characters to unlimited characters per month according to payment mode.
  • You get access to 30+ use cases, with access to 20+ tones.
  • You can write in 30+ languages.
  • You get a plagiarism checker with Rytr.
  • Rytr. ai supports solutions for eCommerce, local stores, digital marketing stores, bloggers, small and large businesses, and big agencies. 

Plans and Pricing

Rytr.AI provides you with two paid plans- 

1. Server Plan 

  • Costs you $9/month,  in monthly billed mode, 
  • The server plan provides two months free with annual billed plan mode and costs you $7.5 per month. 
  • The server plan allows you to generate 50K characters per month.

2. Unlimited Plan 

  • Costs you $29/ month in monthly billed mode.
  • Costs you $24.1/ month in annual billed mode and gets the two months free. 
  • With an unlimited plan, you can generate unlimited characters per month. 
rytr ai plans and pricing

Rytr.ai Free Trial

Rytr.ai also provides a free plan or we can say a free trial, that allows you to generate 5K characters per month. 

rytr ai free plan features

This plan is free for a lifetime you can use without investing a single penny. Upgrade yourself to the premium plan for unlimited and advanced features.


copy.ai gtp-3 ai writing tool

Copy.AI is an AI-based automatic content generator and text generator tool that provides you with a faster copy with better text and originality.

You can get quality content in three steps- 

  • Choose a template for you.
  • Give your content description, company description, and add some lines about your writing.
  • Finally, get your results in seconds and implement them as you want

Features of Copy.ai

Copy.ai provides you with multiple features and an automated creativity tool for content generation. 

  • You can write ads for different social media handles like Facebook ads, google ads, and LinkedIn ads.
  • Generate content for social media like captions, Instagram posts, and brainstorm topics.
  • You can generate website copies like texts, headings, subheadings, and meta descriptions of your website. 
  • You can generate eCommerce copies like Product descriptions, product features with pricing, and microcopy.
  • You can also generate blog content like titles, headlines, outlines, ideas, with blog intros, important points, and even the whole blog content. 
  • It also allows you to create a sales copy with agitating solution, before and after the bridge, and attention interest desire action.

Plans and Pricing

Copy.AI provides two main plans- 

1. Pro Plan-

  • You get unlimited credits and projects with 25+ languages and 90+ writing and editing tools. 
  • Pro plan is suitable for small businesses and it provides you with two billing modes-
    • Monthly billed mode- you have to pay $49/ month and it costs you $588 for a year. 
    • Annually billed mode -You have to pay $420 once a year which means it will cost you $35 / month. 
copy.ai monthly and yearly billed plan modes

2. Teams Plan-

  • This plan is suitable for large teams working on a project. 
  • You get unlimited credits and projects.
  • With 25+ languages and 90+ tools
  • You get multiple collaboration features with the Teams Plan. 

Copy.AI Free Trial

Copy.ai provides you with a free plan that you can use for Copy.AI testing.

copy.ai free plan features

You aren’t required to give your credit card details for taking the free plan, you just have to sign up and start using it. 

With a free plan, you get 10 credits per month, 100 bonus credits for the first month with 25+ languages and 90+ tools.

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Why We Should Go For Online GPT-3 AI Tools?

After discussing the GPT-3 online text generator tools, we should know the reasons for using these tools. 

As we have discussed above, these tools provide you with different features with some common benefits.

Let’s discuss more features of the GPT-3 AI tools.

  1. The most important thing is you get the Artificial Intelligence-based text generators.
  2. These tools are high-performance copywriters and content generators.
  3. You get multiple pre-built templates according to your required content.
  4. All AI software has a simple user interface and easy-to-use features and tools. 
  5. These tools and software are time-saving, as they generate large quantities of content in less time. 
  6. You get several editing features and tools with so many editing functionalities.
  7. You get content free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors with full originality.
  8. It provides you with 100% security for your data and is fully reliable. 
  9. You get good services for content management and keyword research. 

Let’s go through a small description of GPT-3 technology.

Introduction to GPT-3 Technology

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 or GPT-3, an artificial intelligence technology, and a random language model that uses deep structure learning to generate and write texts like human minds.

GPT-3 is the third version of this GPT tool and it is an implemented version of the GPT-2 version of the GPT-n series. 

The GPT-3 was introduced in May 2020, it has Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems of pre-trained language representations. GPT-n series was created by OpenAI.

It provides the best quality of text and content that will look like written with human hands and mind. 

And it generates a large quantity of text in less time than increasing productivity 10 times. 

GPT-3 can generate anything related to writing and based on language. It can give answers to your questions, write small & big content, long text, short text, stories, posts, blogs, ads, small & big descriptions you can also use it for creating social media posts and captions. 

You can also create poetry, poems, news, headlines, dialogues, novels, and books.

It is proven to be popular and also the most useful writing technology, today and in coming times. 

Benefits of using GPT-3 Technology

As we know GPT-3 is considered the best AI-based writing technology. GPT-3 can generate everything related to writing that is based on any language and in a human language text.

It can also create text summarizations and programming code. It gives human taste in its every writing. It is the largest trained AI model and 10 times larger than any language model ever created in the AI world. 

It just requires your idea and a small description of how you want that, it grabs that and presents you the content and your idea in a fully flourished way.

It can also translate a common language in your language or the one in which you want your result.

GPT-3 is the future of content creation and it will also decrease manpower and time with the expense and increase productivity and income. This technology is and will be a boon for writers bloggers and creators.

FAQs On Best GPT-3 Text Generators Online Tools

What is GPT-3 technology?

GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence technology and a random language model that uses deep structure learning to generate and write texts like human minds.

Is GPT-3 available?

Yes, GPT-3 is available since 2020 through the open API. It is available through several tools and software that are based on GPT-3 text generation.

Can I use GPT-3 features for free of cost?

Yes, you can. As GPT-3 is available with many text generating tools so through these tools you can use this technology and some of them provide that free of cost while some take a minimum price and provide it according to the plans.

What is GPT-3 stand for?

GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer-3.

Final Words On GPT-3 Text Generator Online Tools

We have reached the end of the article, let’s have a quick overview of GPT-3 tools to generate text online. In this article, we have discussed everything about this latest advanced technology along with the features and plans they are providing. 

We have also discussed some points that verify the reasons for using the GPT-3 text generator tools and prove are beneficial for you.

We have also included a small introduction of GPT-3 along with its features. 

Each tool also provides free trials or free plans to their new customers so they can observe the functionalities of that tool. 

Try out any of the tools that you feel comfortable with its a free trial and later get yourself upgraded to their pro or premium plans.

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