Jasper Boss Mode VS Starter: Which Is Better Copywriting Assistant?

Looking for a detailed comparison of Jasper Boss Mode vs Starter, If yes, this article is for you. In this article, we have compared the pricing, features, and use case of both Boss mode and Starter plan.

Important information before we start: Jarvis AI is now rebranded as Jasper AI. Here is the proof below.

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jarvis ai or jasper ai

Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI is an innovative invention of modern technology. Nowadays, the importance and use of AI are increasing widely in the field of content writing. 

Professional content writers are welcoming this new invention as it helps them to create content automatically. There are different software for AI writing. Among the widest range, Jasper.AI is the best. But which plan is better? Boss mode or Starter? Let’s find out.

jarvis boss mode vs starter, jasper boss mode vs starter

What is Jasper AI?

jasper ai boss mode vs starter mode

It creates high-quality genuine content which helps SEO content writers and copywriters to meet their needs. 

Jasper.Ai refers to artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting tool that creates content automatically with the help of GPT-3 technology and others. 

Jasper.Ai aims to help writers to write content rapidly, such as blog posts, social media posts, scripts, stories, email newsletters, books, landing pages, sales copy, high converting ad copy, and e-commerce product descriptions. The Jasper.ai assistant is essential for creating effective content. 

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AI content generator software is a type of software that either selects existing content or helps to generate content and rewrites it to create new content. AI keyword tools suggest content to writers, and writers create new content using the suggested content or reference. 

Human copywriters and conversion specialists who have long experience with this usually train Jasper.Ai. Jasper.Ai is user-friendly. It provides the best customer support by offering a free trial to the users to adapt to the software. In our Jasper.Ai review, we compare the Jasper.Ai Boss Mode VS Starter Mode.

Jasper Boss Mode Vs Starter Mode Pricing Difference

Here we will discuss the Jasper.Ai pricing plans comparison.

jasper pricing comparison between boss mode and starter mode

The demand for artificial intelligence (AI) content writing software is increasing day by day as they help in creating effective content faster. AI for content creation is widely used these days for its unique features. Jasper.Ai is considered as one of the top content writing software with over 50,000 users joining.

Jasper offers two pricing plans to suit the writers, viz Boss Mode and Starter Mode.

Here are the pricing and other differences between Boss Mode and Starter Mode.
  1. Boss Mode starts at $59 monthly, while Starter Mode starts at $29 monthly.
  2. Boss Mode is specified for long-form content, while Starter Mode supports short copies. 
  3. Boss Mode is suitable for users who need to generate long content. It creates excellent content for the users with the help of Jasper.Ai. In contrast, Starter Mode is ideal for users who usually require short content generation with Jasper artificial intelligence. 
  4. Jasper.Ai free trial is available for both Boss Mode and Starter Mode. 
  5. In Boss Mode’s $59 monthly plan, you are allowed to generate up to 50,000 words per month. On the other hand, with the $29 entry-level plan in Starter Mode, you are allowed to generate content up to 20,000 per month. I
  6. In Boss Mode, you can increase the word limit as per your needs up to 5 million by purchasing the $3600 monthly plan. In contrast, you can customize the word limit as per your requirements up to 1 million words per month by purchasing the $499 monthly plan in Starter Mode.
  7. If you exceed the monthly word limit, you can purchase a $10 bonus pack for 5,000 words which never expires in Boss Mode. Like Boss Mode, in case you hit the monthly word limit, you have the benefit of purchasing a $10 bonus pack for 5,000 Words in Starter Mode that never expires.
Jasper PricingBoss ModeStarter Mode
Annual$588 ($49 per month)$288 ($24 per month)

Features Comparison: Jasper Ai Boss Mode Vs Starter Plan

We discussed the pricing difference above, let us know deep dive to understand how Boss mode is different from the Starter plan.

Features of Jasper Boss Mode 

Jasper Boss Mode is specifically designed for lengthy content generation, like stories, books, blog posts, etc. It permits the writers to generate long-form articles or blogs. It effectively speeds up your content stream by writing 80%.

Jasper provides SEO optimized 100% plagiarism-free content by scanning your content with the best plagiarism checker ‘Copyscape‘. 

Jasper Boss Mode’s powerful commands feature allows you to explicitly tell Jasper what you want to write. Jasper effectively reads your last 3000 characters before writing for better reference every time.

Jasper Boss Mode is included with the Grammarly tool to correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the content.

Features of Jasper AI Starter Mode 

Jasper Starter Mode is ideal for creating short content, such as social media posts, headlines, product descriptions, and more.  It has 50+ short-form copywriting templates for users, and it supports writing content in 25+ languages. It provides access to unlimited users. It has an input length of 600 characters. 

features of Jasper AI boss mode vs starter
FeatureBoss ModeStarter Mode
Jasper.Ai Pricing starts at $59/m 
Allows writing 50,000 per month 
100% plagiarism-free content scanned with   ‘Copyscape’ tool 
SEO optimized content 
Removes grammatical errors and spellings using the Grammarly tool 
Premium support
Unlimited revision 
3,000 character lookback
Pricing stats at $29/m 
Allows writing 20,000 words per month 
50+ templates
Supports writing in 25+  languages 
Input length limit is 600 characters 

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Use Case: Jasper AI or Jasper BOSS MODE Vs Starter Plan

Boss Mode: Perfect for long form and short form both. Content like blogs and even books can be written.

Boss Mode is perfect for entrepreneurs, SEO content writers, Agencies, and authors who want high-quality long content. The best uses of Boss Mode in:

  • Blog Content
  • SEO Content
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Amazon Listing
  • Customer Support
  • Books
  • Video Content
  • Languages Trasaction
  • Real Estate
  • Press
Starter Mode: Suitable for short content and copywriting

Starter mode is suitable for writers who are looking for AI to write short content. The best uses of Starter Mode in: 

  • Social Media Post
  • Paid Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Copy
detailed Jasper AI feature list

Why prefer Jasper Boss Mode Over Starter Plan?

Jasper Boss Mode is preferable to Starter Plan. There is a slight difference in cost between Boss Mode and Starter Mode. 

But, Boss Mode offers a lot more benefits than Starter Mode. Jasper Boss Mode is the most powerful model with an entry-level $59 monthly subscription. It allows writing 50,000 words per month, while Starter Plan supports only 20,000.

jasper ai trail unlock

Boss Mode generates longer content, while Starter Plan allows short content. For professional content writers, Boss Mode is perfect as it delivers high-quality SEO-optimized content. 

Also, its catchy copywriting content benefits business owners to customize their businesses. It includes “Copyscape” and “Grammarly” tools for ensuring 100% plagiarism-free and grammatical-error-free content. 

Authors, SEO writers, and agencies customize their businesses to generate effective content with Boss Mode.

In contrast, Starter Mode is not supported in this case. “Starter plan” is best for attractive social media posts, headlines, etc.

But, if we consider from every aspect, Boss Mode is the best. Boss Mode is highly recommended for its superior functionalities to suit the requirements of the writers.

FAQs: Which is a Good Copywriting Tool, Boss Mode Or Starter?

What are the pricing plans of Jasper.Ai? 

Jasper.Ai usually offers two pricing plans, such as Starter Mode and Boss Mode. Its  Starter Plan charges $29 monthly with a 20,000-word limit, while the Boss Plan starts at $59 monthly to generate 50,000 words each month. 

Which Jasper.Ai Plan is better? 

Obviously, the Jasper.Ai Boss Plan is better. It allows writing lengthy professional content that the Starter Plan does not support. Plus, it provides 100% plagiarism-free content with scanning content on the best tool of “Copyscape”. 

Does Jasper.Ai offer a free trial? 

Yes, Jasper.Ai offers 5 days free trial to all the users, so that the users can assess the features of the software, and get familiar with its functionalities. 

Is Jasper.Ai is worth for use? 

Yes, Jasper.Ai is worth choosing. It is very helpful for authors and copywriters to generate content as per their requirements.

Conclusion: Jasper AI Boss Mode Vs Starter

In terms of premium AI, Jasper (Now Jasper AI) may be considered. To generate high-quality plagiarism-free content, there is no substitute for this tool. It is best for professional content writers who often need lengthy content in different categories to meet the demand of their clients. 

To help you pick the right plan, this Jasper AI Boss Mode vs Starter study is really helpful. We used it for several projects now and prepared this comparison.

In our opinion, Boss Mode is better for versatile content writing. If your requirement is short content or ad copies, both the plans are good.

With a monthly subscription of $59, you can generate superior content that you can use for your various business purposes.

See the latest optimization tips using Jasper.

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