Progress Update Vine For Windows Phone

Progress on my 3rd-party Vine app (made using Vine’s private API documented here) is as follows:


  • Login (including saving username/password — encrypted of course)
  • Primary Timeline
  • Popular Timeline
  • Comments (including mentioning)
  • Likes

Work In Progress

  1. Improved UI / UX (metro or bust)
  2. Live Tile w/ Powered by Background Agent
  3. Search (People & Hashtags)
  4. Hashtag Timelines

The State of Uploading

As for uploading, this is a trickier subject. I’ve been having issues with upload feature because instead of going through their private API, they upload Vines (is that what we call them?) straight to their AWS.

I have worked on a third party Vine app for Windows Phone. Vine is currently on available for iOS, and is an application that allows you to share very short 6 second videos; similar to gifs in some respects.

Important information as per sources:

Vine has today announced on the official blog that their Windows Phone app will be released today. Fans of the service have been left with little choice but rely on third-party solutions (6sec and Viner to name a few) while Vine looked at developing an official app for Microsoft’s mobile platform. We covered an unveiling of the official Vine app at Nokia World 2013, but soon you’ll be able to download the app and create some awesome short clips.

Regarding Update:

The Vine app for Windows Phone received an awesome new update today. What you can expect to see in this new update is a redesigned activity feed with more visual and concise notifications and you can now upload videos straight from your camera roll. You’re also able to customize your profile with colors that fit your personality and privately send videos and texts back and forth with your friends.

This information is as per Windows website.

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