Surfer Local Review 2023: Is It The Right Tool For GMB?

Hey! Are you a business owner and looking for improving your online visibility among your customers and competitors in local business? If yes, then you must use the GMB tracking and optimization tool Surfer Local.

We are presenting here Surfer Local Review that will give you detailed information about the product and its features associated along with the pricing and how you can get started with it. All the features packed in Surfer Local combine to make an effortless experience for optimizing your GMB.

surfer local review

Let’s get started with what Surfer Local is?

surfer local business page

What is Surfer Local?

Surfer Local is an automated tool specially designed for local SEO that will help your businesses prominently appear in the GMB, in other words, we can say that it’s a Google Maps specialist in a single software. 

Moreover, this tool helps you to effortlessly improve your Google My Business profile with effective guidelines on various factors for generating local leads.

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Working of Surfer Local 

Surfer Local is an innovative market solution that works on reverse engineering technology. 

You only need to add your business and pick valuable keywords, after this, the surfer local runs its analysis for evaluating your company’s position and then delivers results for optimization tips to improve business profile in GMB.

The Surfer Local is easy to use even for beginners so there is no requirement to hire experts for setting up and operating the software.

In short Surfer local works in just 4 simple steps –

  1. The first step will be to check your company’s ranking in Google, which will take less than 10 seconds.
  2. Then depending on your business, it will provide you with simple optimization guides designed specifically for your business.
  3. You can attract more customers simply by implementing these guidelines on your Google My Business profile.
  4. Now you can simply track your business location. You will also receive change alerts that you can use for continuous improvement.

How “Surfer Local” Can Help You?

Surfer Local can assist you in a number of ways. Here is a brief overview of the features it offers. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Improve your Google My Business listing faster Using GMB Audit 

GMB audit by Surfer Local

You can use this GMB Audit tool to optimize your GMBs faster and efficiently. The tool is dedicatedly designed to give you instructions to improve your GMB profile and achieve higher rankings in Google Maps to stay ahead of the competition.

Using this GMB Audit tool you can identify whether your company’s Google profile is 100% ready to be ranked number one in the region. 

However, millions of companies are looking to drive maximum inquiries in their local area, the GMB audit tool offers guidelines to enhance visibility within the local search engine in Google Maps. I have also given a brief overview of how this tool operates.

How does the GMB Audit tool operates?

First and foremost, the GMB Audit tool will figure out the best grid size for your business. You are automatically tracked in the region that best suits your business.

How to perform rank tracking using Surfer Local

Click the ‘Create audit’ option once you’re in the grid that shows your Google My Business profile position for a specific phrase.

The tool will provide a custom audit with recommendations for how to improve your position. Each month, you will receive a new audit with updated guidelines so that you can maintain your good ranking.

How Surfer Local Is helpful?

It is recommended for you to run the tool on monthly basis to get more information and understand the changes and implementation process. 

Track your business’s Google visibility Using Local Rank Tracker

Checking Business visibility using Surfer Local

Before you start working, you’ll be able to see where you can enhance your local ranks with Local Rank Tracker. The Local Rank Checker shows you where you can be the best in the city.

How to use Surfer Local's business Local Rank checker

Moreover, it also gives competitors to monitor the positions in multiple locations and also provides its users, with easy-to-access areas with a grid rank tracking result.

Surfer Local includes a keyword tracking tool as well. You can instantly see how your Google Maps rankings have changed over the period of a day, week, or month in search engines. 

The local Rank Tracker from Surfer Local outperforms all other local rank checkers on the market. You can examine your rankings, visibility score, and local SEO score health in their audit report. It will also keep track of your location for the finest phrases and notify you if anything changes.

Increase Google Reviews Using Google Review Poster

How to use Google Review Poster

This is a rare feature offered by other similar optimization tools online. Google Review poster is a type of creative which is made for gathering feedback from the visitors. 

You must be aware of how difficult it can be to request a review from a customer. With the Surfer Local, you’ll get a free Google Review Sticker that you may customize as well.

All you have to do now is print it off and pin it on your door, website, or anywhere where you want. This will also reduce your customer efforts because it is a one-of-a-kind QR code that directs customers to leave a review.

Example of Surfer Local Review poster

In addition, this feature is an easy-to-use offering for visitors and also has customization options for changing color and brand names.

How to Use Surfer Local?

I feel now have a better understanding of how Surfer Local may help your local business listings. I’ll now discuss how to get started step by step. 

For adding your business to Surfer Local-Sign up

Visit the official website of Surfer Local

Choose any of the plans you prefer and on the next page sign up using your email id and password.

Signup page

After signing into your profile click on the ‘Add Place’ option followed by the ‘Import places from Google My Business’ option.

How to add a business in Surfer Local portal?

Now after adding your business you need to enter the ‘keyword query’.

How to search a keyword in Surfer Local

Once the keywords are added it will show you the position of the keywords

Now you can use the ‘create an audit’ option which will give you the parameters you need to have for particular keywords.

how to use Surfer Local

Surfer Local Pricing

Surfer Local Pricing

There is a transparent subscription plan provided by the Surfer Local providers- it costs you $29 if you opt for a monthly subscription and $24/month if you choose a yearly subscription with Surfer Local, without any additional costs.

Users operating in multiple locations such as enterprises, freelancers, or agencies who optimize Google businesses profiles locally, such users have to opt to add more locations in the slots in-app.

Along with all the above plans, you get a 30-days money-back guarantee. Moreover, if users opt for annual plans then a 2-month free subscription is offered.

From the user’s point of view Surfer, Local is one of the most affordable tools for improving the SEO of local businesses and outranking competitors by developing a strong business profile locally.

  • Usability

You do not have to be worried about counting the credits or wondering about the profitability of actions. They know what is best for the business of its users and the frequency of activity makes no sense.

  • Automated action frequency

The audits and other queries can be set for automatic running at regular intervals and eliminate the manual activity. The tools have a smart algorithm set for analyzing the Google business card of users in comparison with the card of the competitors for improvement of the business profile by fixing problems occurring that could be potential threats for the business.

  • Saving Money on Audit

This single tool can perform multiple functions and can save a large number of credits spent most of several audit reports that show similar results. The billing plan includes all the features that never let you run out of credits before the end of the billing period.

Standard Refund Policy

You will be offered a 30-days trial period with any of the plans resulting in unsubscribing which is followed by a full-service refund if the user is not satisfied with the service or tool features. Furthermore, if you cancel the subscription in a period of 7 days, once the costs are refunded the user will also lose access to the application as well.

In addition, the administrator also has full right to terminate the Contract executed with the user with prior notice of 14 days. In this case, the User shall be informed about the termination through email on the email address provided during registration.

NOTE – If the user cancels the subscription once the trial period is completed, the amount will not be refunded.

FAQs: Surfer Local Reviews 2023

Why use Surfer Local for GMB ranking?

Surfer Local helps you to improve the GMB ranking for local businesses and enhances your abilities to make you an SEO pro. Also, the GMB audit highlights missing search ranking factors from the listing. In addition, the tool performs in-depth analysis on the user’s Google My Business profile for suggestions and integration to boost Google rankings.

How does Surfer Local show GMB success?

Your Google business success using Surfer Local will be shown as follows-
Personal GMB traffic
Online reviews of customers
Personal GMB grid rank tracking
Competitors GMB rank tracking
Competitors GMB SEO weakness

How to improve GMB using Surfer Local?

GMB rankings are improved using Surfer Local tool in the following ways-
Helps in optimizing the business name
Helps in optimizing business description information
Keywords suggestions in GMB posts
Search for additional categories for adding GMB profile
Image quantity analysis to add
Keywords analysis to try and work into GMB reviews

Does Surfer Local also improve Google My Business profile ranking in maps?

Surfer Local’s GMB Audit tool helps in improving the Google My Business SEO resulting in achieving a better ranking among local businesses. The improvements in results can be achieved in just a few days of implementation.

What users have to say about the Surfer Local?

Users say that the integration of the Surfer Local tool helped them in quickly analyzing and optimizing their GMB profiles.

That earlier use to take them 2 to 3 hours has significantly reduced to 10 to 15 minutes in a day. Moreover, the audit suggestion feature has also improved their local search engine position for their as well their client’s business from ranking on 15-20 position to top 2-3 results within a few weeks of implementation.

Conclusion: Surfer Local

The review of Surfer Local is written by us after implementing the tool and integrating the suggestions obtained about GMB rankings of our client and competitors. We admit that Surfer Local would be an ideal choice for your local businesses SEO related to GMB and Google maps for establishing the trust of visitors. Hence, this Surfer Local review will give you detailed insights into the tool and is also recommended by us even if you are a newbie.

We suggest our readers to subscribe the Surfer Local tool and integrate the suggested parameters adjustments along with ‘Keyword Surfer’ or ‘Whats my SERP chrome extensions to monitor the improvements in a short period of time (try the 30-day free trial).

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